Where does "I" begin and end? Which figments of our existence do we express as we move through the world? Which do we hide away? Which bubble up unbidden from somewhere deep? Which do we allow to be pasted on by social circumstance?

My work begins as a pure celebration of being. A state of wonder in the face of humans and our complicated, beautiful relationship with the world and ourselves. I am fascinated by the ways in which we define, locate, and measure our identities.


The self will always be an ever-changing pastiche despite one's efforts to create a unified and consistent persona. In this era of personal branding, social media avatars and identity politics the obsession with defining the parameters of identity obscures the fundamental truth of an infinite dynamic self. One risks shutting off fruitful paths of possibility and relationship hidden behind the veil of defined persona.

My work ends with a personal reminder of the illusory nature of identity, the myriad potentials appearing and transforming, and the power of opening oneself to all of it.